Healthcare segment responding to the needs of the times

Operating both pharmaceutical and food divisions, Nippon Shinyaku has been serving society through its healthcare-related functional food products for over 20 years.
As Japan is becoming a super-aging society with an ever longer average life expectancy, extending healthy longevity is now a major challenge for society.
In such a situation, we vigorously pursue research and product development to help people lead healthier and richer lives through food.

Natural blessings backed by scientific evidence

At Nippon Shinyaku, we have progressed while benefitting from plants, such as Artemisia maritimum, which solidified the foundation of the company’s business, and others that have given us spices and condiments, which gave birth to the Functional Food Division. For the future, we hope to continue offering products that help people maintain and enhance their health, using ingredients that are familiar to Japanese people, herbs used outside Japan, and other blessings from Nature, demonstrating their health benefits with scientific evidence.

Safety and quality

Eating food of assured safety daily is essential to lead a healthy life. In developing functional food ingredients, we attach utmost importance to safety and quality, which we assure based on the ideas and means cultivated through our pharmaceutical business.


Health Food Ingredients List

Product Lineup

We are committed to helping people become healthier and proposing solutions to various social issues through our food products.