Operating within a pharmaceutical company,
the Functional Food Division proposes solutions to society’s
problems related to the prevention of symptomatic and
asymptomatic ill health and food security and safety,
thereby contributing to building a sustainable society.

Business Activities

In Japan, we customarily say that food is as important as medicine for people’s health. Indeed, food and health have always been inextricably related.
Nippon Shinyaku entered the functional food market in 1961 to explore a new business segment, drawing on the original extraction technologies that it had accumulated as a manufacturer of ethical pharmaceutical drugs.
Since the launch of our very first functional food product, the extracted powder spice Kenda, we have been proud to say that we contribute to society mainly via the processed food industry.
We have been expanding this business segment consistently toward the goal of “helping people lead healthier, happier lives” through food.
We are highly acclaimed and trusted in the food industry.

Today, as population aging continues and the number of centenarians increases, society is facing the challenge of extending the period during which people stay in good health. In Japan, the government is promoting early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, self-medication, and even self-care, attempting to reduce healthcare expenses.
These measures are also aimed at reinforced health maintenance and enhancement so that people not only live long but live a healthy and fulfilled life true to themselves.
In such a situation, evidence-based dietary supplements and health foods are expected to play an increasingly important role in people’s lives. We are committed to meeting this expectation by developing highly distinctive products.
Toward this end, we pursue basic research and try to establish evidence for food ingredients traditionally considered health-enhancing, adhering to the safety-and-quality-first principle, which we have cultivated in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Moreover, general interest in food safety and security has been increasingly growing in recent years.
Sustainable consumption and secured production of food have become urgent tasks for the international community in the spirit of “responsible consumption and production” of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We are committed to initiatives for greater food security and safety, proposing solutions to long-standing food-related problems in society as it is geared toward becoming a truly sustainable society.
For example, we apply the advanced technologies that we have developed in the pharmaceutical field to the control of microorganisms, thereby extending shelf life and preventing food loss.