Diverse functions and expanding potential

Powdered protein preparations are obtained by extracting proteins from sources such as milk, soy, and eggs, purifying them by membrane treatment or other processes and transforming them into powder. Proteins are diverse, with different functions from different sources. For example, milk proteins are classified into casein protein, whey protein, their hydrolyzates, and so on, and they can be further classified according to production method, composition of components, and so on. Their difference in component composition means that they differ largely in physical properties and nutritional functions.
In processed meat products such as hams and sausages and fish-based paste such as kamaboko and chikuwa, powdered proteins are used to apply their physical properties (gelification, emulsification, water retention, and binding property) to quality reinforcement and stabilization. In health foods for athletes, for weight control, and so on, protein preparations are often used for their nutritional functions (excellent essential amino acid balance, high protein content, etc.).
In recent years, protein preparations have been increasingly used in nutritional supplements for medical use as liquid food and food for the elderly requiring nursing care.

Developing and offering valuable protein preparations

In recent years, with advanced population aging, the number of persons requiring nursing care has been on the rise. In this situation, demand for nutritional supplements for medical treatment is expected to further grow in the future. We at Nippon Shinyaku hope to continue serving society and contributing to people’s health maintenance by offering healthcare products, including both pharmaceutical drugs and powdered protein preparations to be used in nutritional supplements for medical use.
Nutritional supplements for medical use are required to display various characteristics depending on target users, including ease of use, product lineup covering dietary regimens, and nutritional reinforcement according to patient conditions. Drawing on the technologies and experience that we have acquired over the years, we are determined to continue developing valuable protein preparations that meet a diverse range of needs. Needless to say, we will provide customers with these products with their safety and reliability assured under the rigorous quality control system that we have because we are a pharmaceutical company.


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