Reducing food loss

One major challenge facing the world today is reducing the volume of food loss and waste, as highlighted, on a global scale, in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015, and in Japan, in the Act on Promoting Food Loss Reduction, based on which the government adopted a basic policy in March 2020. The movement for food loss reduction has emerged against the backdrop of population increase, which is causing a hike in the number of undernourished people and environmental problems, including carbon dioxide emissions caused during food disposal.
In such a situation, we are determined to contribute to food loss reduction through product development, creating preservatives that offer a high level of preservability without compromising original flavor. While food is essential for our daily life, the primordial requirement for food is safety.
We continue our research and product development, always in pursuit of food safety through microorganism control, drawing on the advanced technologies cultivated in the pharmaceutical segment.

Incessant product development in search of optimal food additives

The growth of microorganisms is affected by many environmental factors, such as pH, temperature, and water activity. In combating contamination by microorganisms, the key is in identifying bacterial florae causing deterioration and controlling the environmental factors that affect them.
In reality, however, it is not possible to control them sufficiently due to different pH levels, temperatures during transportation, and other characteristics of respective food items.
It becomes possible to improve preservability if environmental factors are precisely controlled with carefully selected food additives that are optimal to respective deterioration-causing bacterial florae.
Through continuous research to this end, we have developed products, making available food additives that are optimal for various food items and purposes.
We intend to continue realizing products of excellent quality for food safety and security.


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We are committed to helping people become healthier and proposing solutions to various social issues through our food products.