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NEWS 2013

September 26, 2013 Pharmaceuticals

Launch of "LUNABELL® tablets ULD" for dysmenorrhea

 Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan, President: Shigenobu Maekawa) today announced the launch of “LUNABELL® tablets ULD” for the treatment of dysmenorrhea.

 “LUNABELL® tablets ULD” is a female hormone agent that contains the smallest amount of ethinyl estradiol (EE) in Japan. Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan, President: Jin Shiomura) developed this product and received the marketing authorization for the treatment of dysmenorrhea. It is the world’s first product which was approved for dysmenorrhea and contains 1 mg of norethisterone and 0.02 mg of EE.
Nippon Shinyaku is currently marketing “LUNABELL® tablets LD” which contains 1 mg of norethisterone and 0.035 mg of EE for the treatment of dysmenorrhea. “LUNABELL® tablets ULD” was developed to reduce the incidence of serious side effects by decreasing the amount of EE to 0.02 mg.

 Through the launch of “LUNABELL® tablets ULD,” together with “LUNABELL® tablets LD,” we hope to contribute to the improvement of patients’ QOL by providing the clinical settings with a new treatment option for dysmenorrhea.


* “LUNABELL® tablets LD”
Before receiving the marketing authorization of “LUNABELL® tablets ULD,” we have changed the product name of “LUNABELL® tablets” to “LUNABELL® tablets LD” and its indication to “dysmenorrhea,” the same as that of “LUNABELL® tablets ULD.”