Medical Affairs

Increasing Benefits for Patients by Disseminating Information

The mission of Medical Affairs is to engage in medical and scientific exchanges with key external experts using advanced, cutting-edge scientific knowledge to identify unmet medical needs*, generate scientific evidence to fulfill them, and disseminate information to medical professionals and patients in order to deliver the optimal medical care for all patients. At Medical Affairs, the goal is to optimize the value of the pharmaceuticals handled by the Group and contribute to increasing benefits for patients.

  • * Unmet medical needs (UMNs): Refers to medical needs that are not adequately satisfied for medical professionals and patients. Examples include needs for diseases for which no effective treatments have yet been found and needs for new therapeutic drugs or treatment methods.

FY2022 Overview

In FY2022, in its evidence generating activities, Nippon Shinyaku worked on initiatives in non-clinical research, clinical research, database research, and registry research, and published a paper on its findings in database research. In term of patient support activities, it held online public lectures on pulmonary hypertension, and online public lectures and patient networking events on muscular dystrophy. In FY2023, with respect to its evidence generating activities, the Company is pushing ahead with preparations for new research on hematological malignancies, pulmonary hypertension, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and anemia. In regard to its patient support activities, it plans to continue with its public lectures and networking events on pulmonary hypertension and muscular dystrophy. Nippon Shinyaku will act to make contributions to the healthcare field beyond the provision of pharmaceuticals in cooperation with medical science liaisons (MSLs)* who are responsible for medical affairs activities in medical institutions.

  • * Medical Science Liaison (MSL): Refers to employees belonging to an organization which is independent of the Sales and Marketing Division whose main role is to engage in exchanges with key external experts in the fields of medicine and science.

Value Creation Initiatives and Strategy

In recent years, the environment around healthcare has been changing significantly due to rapid advances in digital technologies. Nippon Shinyaku will also consider making use of these technologies to solve medical issues and generate evidence that bring benefits for patients. For example, the Company would like to take on the challenge of contributing to better healthcare with a focus on digital healthcare using the latest technologies, including wearable devices and applications, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analysis to improve the effectiveness of medical and healthcare.