Company History
(History01 1919-1969)

History 01

1919 - 1969

Nippon Shinyaku’s establishment
Taking up the challenge of manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs in Japan

  • 1919

    Founded Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. to continue the operations of Kyoto Shinyakudo

  • 1920

    Started operations (incorporated Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd.)

    Named a new plant as mibuyomogi, derived from "Mibu" where Santonin was extracted from the new plant and crystalized, and cultivated

    Founded Yamashina Pilot Farm for breed improvement of Mibuyomogi

    Completed construction of Nishioji Factory

    Launched Japan's first domestically produced anthelmintic, SantoninLaunched Japan's first domestically produced anthelmintic, Santonin

    Received 1st Agency for Technological Advancement Prize for "the research and production of Santonin"

  • 1944

    Renamed the Yamashina Farm and newly launched Yamashina Plant Materials Laboratory(present Yamashina Botanical Research Institute)

Post-war restoration
Increased production of Japanese-made Santonin and missions

  • 1949

    Listed on Kyoto Stock Exchange

  • 1954

    Completed construction of Central factory at Nishioji factoryCentral factory at Nishioji factory

  • 1957

    Relocated headquarters to current address, Minami-ku, Kyoto City

  • 1960

    Concluded Business alliance agreement with Kuroishi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (now Nippon Shinyaku subsidiary, Sioe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Solidifying business foundation with originally developed ethical drugs

  • 1961

    Established Food Dexision (now Functional Food Division) and entered the food business

  • 1962

    Completed construction of Research Laboratory (now Building 3 of Discovery Research Laboratories)

    Established Subsidiary "Royal Motors Co., Ltd." (now· NS Shared Service Co., Ltd.)

    Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 1964

    Completed construction of Odawara Central FactoryNichioji factory to Kyoto factory

    Renamed Nichioji factory to Kyoto factory

  • 1966

    Listed on the first-section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

    Completed construction of Morioka factory

  • 1969

    Concluded Business alliance agreement with Tajima Starch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (now Nippon Shinyaku subsidiary, Tajima Food Industry Co., Ltd.)