Business Philosophy/
Management Policy

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Helping People Lead Healthier, Happier Lives

    Helping People Lead Healthier, Happier Lives

  • Corporate Slogan

    A New Way of Life

  • Management Policy

    Provide Unique and High-quality Products and Services

    We boldly tackle fields and diseases that have no established treatment and provide innovative new drugs and service for patients suffering from diseases. We develop and provide high-value added functional food for customers.

  • Society:
    Earn the Trust of Society

    In addition to complying to laws and regulations, we will always behave with high ethical standards and bulid trust from society. We work to resolve issues of materiality through our bussiness activities.

  • Employees:
    Develop Each Employee

    Each employee will grow by thinking independently and aggressively challenging to achieve thier goals. We believe growth of diverse employees will develop Nippon Shinyaku, therefore we respect diversity and support growth of employees.

  • Guidelines for Action

    Challenge: Meet Challenges

    We will always take a positive approach in pursuing our goals, with a firm belief and sense of responsibility rooted in an ethical approach.

  • Speed: Speedy Action

    We will always take speedy action to make certain to seize opportunities.

  • Investigation:
    Spirit of Investigation

    We will carefully investigate and analyze information that we have broadly gathered, and carefully plan to achieve our goals, and make certain to implement plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycles.

  • Smile: Keep on Smiling

    We will always act with a smile to make certain of smooth communication.

  • Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct for Nippon Shinyaku Group

    We have established the Nippon Shinyaku Group Code of Conduct as the standards according to which all members of the Group, both management and employees, should act and which all employees should be familiarized with.

    Code of Conduct for Nippon Shinyaku Group

  • Corporate logo

    Nippon Shinyaku’s corporate logo was designed in 1969, the year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding.
    The circle represents the sun as depicted on the Japanese flag, for “Nippon” means “Japan” in Japanese. Inside the circle is an “N,” the company’s initial, shaped like a bird in flight.
    The corporate colors, navy blue and white, are arranged in a well-balanced original design that is simple and clean yet dynamic.

    corporate logo