Corporate Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Helping People Lead
Healthier, Happier Lives

Our corporate slogan is to build a healthier future, so that people can live longer and enjoy more fruitful and more energetic lives.

Management Policy

Customers: Supply Unique and High-quality Products

We will develop and supply pharmaceuticals that are safe and highly effective relative to other drugs, and that in some way contribute to a better quality of life for patients, first and foremost for patients who suffer from illnesses. We will develop and supply high-quality functional food that meets the needs of customers.

Society: Earn the Trust of Society

We will achieve regulatory compliance and adherence to internal rules, and always remember our corporate social responsibility and behave according to high ethical standards.

Employees: Develop Each Employee

We will develop each employee through goal-setting and positive challenges in work.

Guidelines for Action

Challenge: Meet Challenges

We will always take a positive approach in pursuing our goals, with a firm belief and sense of responsibility rooted in an ethical approach.

Speed: Speedy Action

We will always take speedy action to make certain to seize opportunities.

Investigation: Spirit of Investigation

We will carefully investigate and analyze information that we have broadly gathered, and carefully plan to achieve our goals, and make certain to implement plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycles.

Smile: Keep on Smiling

We will always act with a smile to make certain of smooth communication.