Basic Policy for R&D

True to Nippon Shinyaku’s Business Philosophy, “Helping people lead healthier, happier lives,” in the Pharmaceuticals Division, we aspire to offer innovative quality pharmaceutical drugs to people with ill health, thus alleviating their suffering and enhancing their well-being by focusing on Nippon Shinyaku’s strengths.

Our fields of focus, in which we make concentrated medium- to long-term R&D efforts, include urology, hematology, intractable and rare diseases (e.g., pulmonary arterial hypertension [PAH], muscular dystrophy), and gynecology. In these four fields, we aim to offer quality pharmaceuticals to patients at the earliest possible time through drug discovery on our own, by in-licensing from other companies, and product lifecycle management (PLCM).

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In our drug discovery research, we aim to expedite the development of original drugs, thereby actively availing ourselves of in-house research achievements and external alliances. We are active in the development of nucleic acid drugs, which we have added as a new drug discovery modality to that of small molecule compounds. Moreover, we plan to pursue R&D with an aim to adopt gene therapy and other novel modalities. We are also determined to enhance our product value and expand our development pipeline via in-licensing from other companies, open innovation, and PLCM. In PLCM, we aim to maximize the product value through the addition of new indications and dosage forms to the existing products and compounds under development.
Through such R&D activities, we intend to create new products of new value while constantly offering innovative drugs that fulfill the hitherto unmet therapeutic needs. We are also planning to build a mechanism that enables us to conduct global-scale R&D to be able to offer innovative products to the patients worldwide.

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