Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. provides its corporate information and information about its CSR activities through social media, such as blogs and Facebook, and properly uses social media for the purpose of raising its corporate value.
Our use of social media will comply with all relevant laws and regulations, industry guidelines and our internal rules and will not violate any intellectual property right, such as copyrights and trademark rights, nor privacy. Also, any personal information obtained from social media will be properly treated in accordance with our “Privacy Policy”.

Nippon Shinyaku Official Social Media Accounts

Nippon Shinyaku Kira-kira Mirai Go!

The Yamashina Botanical Research Institute

Nippon Shinyaku Baseball Team

Official mascot

Nippon Shinyaku official channel

To Social Media Users

Information transmitted from the Nippon Shinyaku Group or employees of the Group on social media does not always represent Nippon Shinyaku’s official statement or view. For information about the Nippon Shinyaku Group’s official statements or views, please refer to our Group website and press releases.
Information on our official accounts is information as of the time it is posted and may be subject to change.
Nippon Shinyaku respects the values, individualities and opinions of all people who visit our official accounts. However, we may delete posts by users or block accounts without prior notice if necessary to ensure healthy communication.


For opinions about our official accounts or inquiries about our products, IR (business results, financial information, etc.), sustainability, recruitment and any related matters, please use the Inquiry Form offered on our website.