Pharmaceuticals Division

We endeavor to develop new drugs that bring a ray of hope to people troubled by diseases and help them build a brighter and healthier future, even if the numbers of these patients are very small and their ailments are extremely difficult to overcome.

Drugs only Nippon Shinyaku can make, a future that becomes possible because we are Nippon Shinyaku

For over a century since the company’s founding in 1919, we have been producing medicines that we hope turn patients’ lives around the way only an R&D-oriented new drug manufacturer can do. All Nippon Shinyaku employees share a passion for creating original drugs of quality. Driven by a sense of mission that there are certain challenges only Nippon Shinyaku can overcome, we are working daily to develop innovative therapeutic drugs, dedicating our undivided attention to each disease that we tackle. Our such effort has borne fruit as treatment drugs for intractable and rare diseases, including Uptravi for pulmonary arterial hypertension, Defitelio for sinusoidal obstruction syndrome (hepatic veno-occlusive disease), and Viltepso for muscular dystrophy, the first nucleic acid drug manufactured in Japan.

What only Nippon Shinyaku can achieve, what we can achieve because we are Nippon Shinyaku

The rate of “seeds” of future drugs (newly synthetized candidate compounds) becoming a new drug and being delivered to patients is about one in tens of thousands. Even in a successful case, it usually takes more than 10 years for a “seed” to become a new drug introduced into society after a long R&D process comprising basic research, non-clinical studies, and clinical trials. In fact, the harsh reality of pharmaceutical R&D is that most drug discovery projects are abandoned in the middle of the process without ever becoming known to the outside world.
Despite all this, at Nippon Shinyaku we continue our R&D activities in the hope of bringing hope and relief to patients at the earliest possible time.

Nippon Shinyaku not only conducts research and development in-house but also utilizes the R&D results of other companies so as to deliver necessary drugs to patients as early as possible. Nippon Shinyaku also promotes PLCM (product life-cycle management) for existing and developed products to enhance their product value by adding new indications and dosage forms. These initiatives have resulted in the launch of at least one new product per year on average over the last 10 years. This is an achievement made by all the employees involved in all steps, from R&D to sales to drug fostering, who care for patients and work seriously for them.