How We View Sustainability

Nippon Shinyaku Sustainability Policy

Guided by its Corporate Philosophy “Helping People Lead Healthier, Happier Lives,” the Nippon Shinyaku Group strives to ensure sustainable growth as a “company with a meaningful existence in healthcare.” Recognizing responses to environmental and social issues as material in its management, the Group aims to realize a sustainable society. To fulfill this aim, the Group conducts educational and awareness-raising activities intended for all employees to further develop consciousness of sustainability among them.

  • ・We will contribute to a healthier future for people around the world by creating innovations.
  • ・We will work to protect, preserve, and improve the global environment through our environmentally friendly business activities centered around combatting climate change.
  • ・We will make an active commitment to communicating with society and local communities and nurturing children as future leaders.
  • ・We will enhance our governance and ensure the transparency and objectivity of our management to remain fully accountable to all our stakeholders.
  • ・With full respect for the human rights of all people, we will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and work to achieve well-being for all.

Sustainability Promotion System

To promote sustainability even more actively, the Nippon Shinyaku Group established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the President, in January 2022.
Convened twice a year, this committee formulates plans for promoting sustainability, examines materiality, checks the progress of targets and efforts related to the materiality, and reports to and presents proposals to the Board of Directors. Important issues are deliberated on and resolved by the Board of Directors.

CSR Promotion System