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NEWS 2015

July 01, 2015 Pharmaceuticals

Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. was granted the right to co-promote Gonal-f for the treatment of ovulation induction and male hypogonadotropic hypogonadism from Merck Serono Co., Ltd. for the territory Japa

 July 1, 2015, Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. announced that NSC was granted the right to co-promote Gonal-f® (follitropin alfa) for the treatment of the induction of ovulation in the oligo-anovulatory infertile patients due to functional disorders in hypothalamus and pituitary or polycystic ovary syndrome (“OI”) and the induction of sperm formation in male hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (“MHH”) in Japan from Merck Serono Co., Ltd.(Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President: Koji Okamoto; “MSJ”) and commenced the promotion and information gathering activities of Gonal-f as of July 1.

 Gonal-f is a human recombinant follicular stimulating hormone indicated to the treatment of OI and MHH. In Japan, Serono Japan Co., Ltd launched Gonal-f for the treatment of MHH in 2006 and MSJ launched it for OI in 2009 and has been marketing Gonal-f for both indications since then. Outside Japan, Gonal-f is approved for the treatment of OI and MHH in 103 countries and 92 countries, respectively, and is marketed by Merck Serono worldwide, only in the US and Canada it is sold by EMD Serono.

 Shigenobu Maekawa, President of NSC said: “NSC has been proactively conducting promotional activities of Lunabel for the treatment of dysmenorrhea in the area of obstetric and gynecologic as well as driving educational activities for those who suffering from the disease.  With holding the co-promotional right in Japan for Gonal-f, NSC anticipates to contribute the treatment for people with MSJ who have concerns over the infertility.”

 Koji Okamoto, President & Representative Director of MSJ commented, “I am very excited to announce this co-promotion partnership with NSC, which will allow us to significantly extend our market coverage for Gonal-f.  Merck Serono is committed to helping the thousands of couples that struggle with infertility.  Through the co-promotion, MSJ and NSC contribute to help them getting pregnant and fulfilling their dream of raising a family.