Pharmaceuticals Division

Drugs that only Nippon Shinyaku can make
Future that only Nippon Shinyaku can create

As the Japanese term β€œman-byou (= all kinds of diseases)” has been used since ancient times, diseases are of great variety. Although medical science and technology progress day by day, the variety of diseases just keeps increasing and never decreases. It is not uncommon that two or more diseases once regarded as one are classified into several types of diseases with the advancement of diagnosis technology, which leads to the development of different method of treatment for each type. We turn our eyes to each and every type of these diseases, and develop pharmaceuticals for patients who are suffering from intractable diseases without effective treatments, or who eagerly look forward to a more improved quality of life. These diseases include a lot of rare diseases of very low prevalence, but Nippon Shinyaku is developing pharmaceuticals for such diseases with a sense of mission and passion that we and only we can meet the challenge. Our efforts have borne fruit in the form of Cylocide® N injection for relapsed/refractory acute leukemia and malignant lymphoma, and Vidaza®100mg injection for myelodysplastic syndrome.

A pharmaceutical seed discovered by our passionate researchers is developed through a process of basic research, non-clinical study and clinical trials, produced by using the latest manufacturing technology, and finally brought into the world as a new drug. It usually takes more than ten years. After that, MRs (Medical Representatives), who gather new information from medical settings, build the new drug into a β€œfull-fledged” drug. Each employee has a common passion to create a drug by his or her own hands. Nippon Shinyaku wishes to keep contributing to the future health by developing pharmaceuticals that are unique, original and helpful for patients.