Research & Development

Basic Policy for R&D

Based on the business philosophy β€œHelping people lead healthier, happier lives,” in our pharmaceutical segment, by focusing on our areas of specialty, we aim to become a company which provides quality and unique pharmaceuticals to help patients suffering from illnesses. Our areas of specialty for both R&D and marketing include urology, hematology, gynecology, otolaryngology and orthopedics. By implementing our own drug discovery research, licensing-in from other companies and product lifecycle management (PLCM), we are striving to speedily launch pharmaceuticals to help patients. Our drug discovery research is focused on the strategic fields such as urology and hematology, and on the elucidation of cause of new diseases. By doing so, we are speedily developing unique original products. In addition, to enrich our product pipeline, we are actively seeking products on the market and under development available for in-licensing. Moreover, as for PLCM, we are maximizing the product’s value by adding new indications or formulations to our existing products and compounds under development. We are clarifying the respective targets for drug discovery research, in-licensing and PLCM, allocating management resources properly, and contributing to the society by securing a reliable supply of quality products.

R&D Organization

Our pharmaceutical R&D organization consists of R&D Administration Division, Business Development Division, Discovery Research Laboratories and Clinical Development Division. Discovery Research Laboratories in our headquarter area (Kyoto) and Discovery Research Laboratories in Tsukuba (Ibaraki Prefecture) are jointly exploring new pharmaceutical seeds. In Discovery Research Laboratories in Kyoto, we are focusing on the research of small molecules, safety and pharmacokinetics of drug seeds in animals, formulation development, pilot synthesis, and establishment of our proprietary formulation technology. In Discovery Research Laboratories in Tsukuba, we are conducting advanced research centered on genomic drug discovery and nucleic acid drugs. Clinical Development Division is in charge of clinical trials to evaluate safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals in human.

Discovery Research Laboratories in Kyoto (Bldg. No.1)

Discovery Research Laboratories in Kyoto (Bldg. No.1)

Discovery Research Laboratories in Tsukuba

Discovery Research Laboratories in Tsukuba

Product Pipeline

Below is our domestic and overseas pipeline of products under development (in phase 1 and later).

Research collaboration & Licensing

Nippon Shinyaku has been enhancing its pipeline through in-house drug discovery and in-licensing. We actively seek opportunities to license-in products or collaborate in research in our key therapeutic areas.

R&D Partnering

Nucleic Acid Drugs

Drug creation by pharmaceutical companies is dramatically changing. As an R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company, Nippon Shinyaku is actively adopting the latest technology and results of the outstanding progress in life science in order to develop pharmaceuticals which help patients suffering from illnesses. Among our two domestic research facilities in Kyoto and Ibaraki, our researchers in Discovery Research Laboratories in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture are actively promoting discovery research of nucleic acid drugs by using the most advanced technology. Nucleic acid drugs, which directly target disease-causing genes, create the potential for the treatment based on new principles. Thus, people all over the world expect that nucleic acid drugs will be the next-generation medicine after antibodies. We have successfully developed an RNA drug delivery technology with proven safety in human and a new RNA synthesis method which was difficult to establish in the past. In addition, we are conducting research of antisense nucleic acid drugs based on our own nucleic acid synthesis technology. At present, we are focusing on nucleic acid drug discovery for patients suffering from intractable or rare diseases which have been difficult to treat. Our goal is to provide medical settings with these drugs as soon as possible.

Enhancement of the R&D pipeline in our main field of focus