1. When was Nippon Shinyaku established?

The forerunner of Nippon Shinyaku, Kyoto Shinyakudo, which was a privately managed firm, was established in November 1911. In September 1919, Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. was established, succeeding to the business operation of Kyoto Shinyakudo. The new company’s operation commenced on October 1, 1919. Nippon Shinyaku’s history is viewable on the Company History page of its website.

2. How is the company’s new drug development going?

Please refer to Product Development.

3. How can I learn about Nippon Shinyaku’s past business results?

Please refer to “Business Information ”or “Financial Summary.”

4. What is Nippon Shinyaku’s Tokyo Stock Exchange code?

It is 4516.

5. How many Nippon Shinyaku shares constitute a unit for sale?


6. When is the record date for dividend payment?

The record date of the year-end dividend is March 31, and the record date of the interim dividend is September 30.

7. Could you tell me about Nippon Shinyaku’s dividend policy and how the company’s dividends have changed over the years?

Please obtain relevant information here.

8. Where can I direct my inquiries about administrative formalities as a shareholder?

For the notification of an address change, a request for purchase of shares not constituting a unit, and other administrative formalities, shareholders are requested to direct their inquiries to the points of contact specified below:

If you have an account at a securities company,

your securities company is your point of contact.

If you have a special account, your point of contact is

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation’s Osaka Corporate Agency Division.
Formalities may also be processed at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation’s branches across Japan. Requests for forms for administrative formalities may be made by telephone or online, around the clock.
0120-244-479 (Tokyo) 0120-684-479 (Osaka)
(Please note that the above numbers are accessible only within Japan.)

9. Do you offer incentives for shareholders?


10. When is the Shareholders’ Meeting?

The Shareholders General Meeting is held in late June each year.