Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic CSR Policies and Promotional System

In recent years, there has been greater awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in corporate activities. Society demands that corporations obey the law and fulfill many types of social responsibilities rather than simply maximizing profits.
  In order to improve Nippon Shinyaku's fulfillment of its social responsibilities, the Company has established a CSR Committee. The aim of the committee, whose members also belong to the Company's Board of Directors, is to confirm that Nippon Shinyaku's business activities remain in line with social norms and expectations.
  Nippon Shinyaku wants to be a “company with a meaningful existence in health care.” As we work toward that goal we will keep in mind our business philosophy of “contributing to people's health and prosperous lifestyles.” We believe that our corporate social responsibilities entail developing sustainably along with the rest of society by implementing our management policies of supplying high-quality products with distinctive benefits, earning society's trust, and fostering the growth of each and every employee. Our basic CSR policy is to continuously conduct our business activities in accordance with this way of thinking.
  In line with our basic CSR policy, we conduct our business activities in good faith: we obey the law and our internal corporate regulations throughout the various aspects of corporate management, we maintain constant awareness of our responsibilities to society, and we maintain a strong sense of morality. Through our various business activities, we aim to meet the expectations - including expectations for environmental preservation - of patients, trading partners, consumers, shareholders and investors, employees, and society as a whole.

Social Contributions

Because Nippon Shinyaku works in the health care field, one might say that our everyday business activities contribute to society. Additionally, we actively engage in a variety of other types of social contribution activities.

For Sufferers of Disease

Nippon Shinyaku engages in various educational activities related to disease. For example, we support the Yellow Ribbon drive in order to provide accurate information about menstrual pain and endometriosis. In addition to providing useful information for solving problems concerning health through a website, we hold a civic public lecture inviting doctors to instructors. We endeavor to spread correct, up-to-date information on illnesses and medicine.

Civic public lecture
Civic public lecture
For Communities and Society in General

Children are our future, and Nippon Shinyaku sponsors the Nippon Shinyaku Children's Literary Awards contest in the hope of fostering children's sound spiritual development. The contest solicits entries in two categories: stories and pictures. The best works in both categories are published in a picture book that is widely distributed to children across Japan through medical institutions, libraries, and other public institutions.   In cooperation with the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we provide lecturers to a program aimed at teaching elementary school students about the environment. In addition to providing the children with guidance about the importance of preserving the earth's environment, we teach them how to take medicines properly. In addition, the Nippon Shinyaku Baseball Team, which competes in the Intercity Baseball Tournament and the Amateur Baseball Japan Championship, offers baseball clinics for high school baseball players and children's baseball teams in order to raise the level of local baseball and promote interpersonal exchange.

Anthologies of stories and pictures that won Nippon Shinyaku Children's Literary Awards
Anthologies of stories and pictures that won Nippon Shinyaku Children's Literary Awards
Cultural Activities

Because Nippon Shinyaku's head office is located in the ancient capital city of Kyoto, we support Kyoto's unique culture and endeavor to communicate this rich cultural heritage to society at large. For example, we produce tenugui (functional and decorative cloths) and calendars using traditional Kyoto craftsmanship and designs, and we publish a newsletter called “Kyo,” which provides various types of information about Kyoto's traditional culture and beautiful scenery.   Yamashina Botanical Research Institute preserves and cultivates more than 3,000 species of medicinal and useful plants from around the world, including rare species threatened with extinction. The institute contributes to the preservation of biodiversity through plant breeding and cultivation research. It attracts a large number of visitors each year, and actively engages in exchange with related organizations.

A Nippon Shinyaku employee teaches a class at a local school
A Nippon Shinyaku employee teaches a class at a local school

Protecting the Environment

Nippon Shinyaku has devised a basic environmental policy aimed at implementing continuous environmental preservation. We established the Nippon Shinyaku Environment Committee and determined voluntary, Company-wide goals, including reduction of CO2 emissions and reduction of the volume of waste that we generate. Nippon Shinyaku works systematically to meet these goals by introducing energy-efficient equipment and reducing our final waste disposal ratio.

Nippon Shinyaku's management is aware that the activities described above - taking care to preserve the earth's environment, continuously developing our pharmaceuticals and functional foods businesses, and actively engaging in other social contribution activities - constitute the fulfillment of the Company's social responsibilities. By pursuing our everyday business activities based on that awareness, we aim to meet society's expectations, earn the trust of the general public and be recognized as a company with a meaningful existence.

Yamashina Botanical Research Institute
Yamashina Botanical Research Institute