Consolidated Financial Statements/Consolidated Balance Sheet

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Nippon Shinyaku adheres to the policy of formulating consolidated financial statements on the basis of Japanese standards for the time being to facilitate comparison between chronological periods and between companies. We intend to consider the application of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as it may become more appropriate in view of both domestic and international situations.

Consolidated Balance Sheet (As of March 31, 2022)

(Millions of yen)

Current assets 149,632
Cash and deposits 50,413
Notes and accounts receivable 42,128
Electronically recorded monetary claims 540
Securities 15,100
Merchandise and finished goods 18,965
Semi-finished goods 6,369
Work in process 1,543
Raw materials and supplies 10,975
Other 3,595
Allowance for doubtful accounts (0)
Non-current assets 60,419
Property, plant and equipment 23,881
Buildings and structures, net 9,641
Machinery, equipment and vehicles, net 2,814
Tools, furniture and fixtures, net 2,105
Land 7,430
Construction in progress 1,849
Other, net 41
Intangible assets 923
Investments and other assets 35,615
Investment securities 20,342
Deferred tax assets 2,823
Retirement benefit liability 1,147
Long-term prepaid expenses 9,029
Other 2,271
Total assets 210,052
Current liabilities 29,288
Notes and accounts payable 9,535
Accounts payable 11,087
Accrued expenses 1,605
Income taxes payable 3,181
Accrued consumption taxes 201
Provision for bonuses 3,079
Other 596
Non-current liabilities 3,997
Retirement benefit liability 3,680
Other 316
Total liabilities 33,285
(Net assets)
Shareholders' equity 170,774
Share capital 5,174
Capital surplus 4,445
Retained earnings 163,633
Treasury shares (2,478)
Accumulated other comprehensive income 5,619
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities 7,996
Deferred gains or losses on hedges 135
Foreign currency translation adjustment (256)
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans (2,183)
Non-controlling interests 301
 Total net assets 176,767
Total liabilities and net assets 210,052

*All amounts are rounded down to the nearest million yen.